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Wɛlcome to // xɛno- // vɛrsion 0.0.
If it’s common or natural to havɛ minoritiɛs and majoritiɛs, thɛn thɛrɛ’s a nɛɛd to creatɛ an ɛnvironmɛnt whɛrɛ divɛrsity is thɛ fundamɛntal unit. Wɛ can’t blamɛ naturɛ. Wɛ shouldn’t fight naturɛ. But wɛ can act naturally (without bɛing afraid). And through that, thɛrɛ is a possibility of making a changɛ. The futurɛ is divɛrsɛ!


Virtual worlds, printed food, augmented reality and soon to be autonomous A.I: we're so surrounded by technology that it’s becoming second nature. 

The music of Shayu could easily be described as a perfect soundtrack reflecting this rapid change. Her hybrid, half synthetic, half organic sound worlds combine synthesizers and field recordings, but also use samples and voices. This diversity of sonic palette, strong knack for harmonic progression and intense physical beats is what makes her music tick. Despite only producing music for a relatively short time she has already proved to be one of the most interesting new names out there. 
"Baroque music inspires me, but also grime and club music in its broadest definition of music that makes people dance, I like abstract music and improvised and experimental compositions." No inspiration is secret and all sounds have potential to be smashed into pieces and new forms. Intermingling is the essential component.

Xεno– will be opened by Vienna-based Antonia XM. Antonia is a DJ and co-curator of rapidly growing label Ashida Park. In 2016 the vision of an inclusive and experimental club music led Antonia XM and Amblio to create a platform for likeminded producers and visual artists. With their label, they intend to establish an arena for intimacy and excess and to merge influences from a variety of bass music sub-genres with ambient and noise compositions. 

New Magic Media is the one-woman collective led by Prague based multidisciplinary artist Adina So (Adela Sobotkova). Her vision of club music is one where chaotic, dystopian beats meet strange melodies both from the underground and pop spectrums. She hosts the weekly show Echo for Radio Wave and is part of LOLLAB and Blazing Bullets DJ Collective.

Shayu (SUI) / Slagwerk

ANTONIA XM (AT) / Ashida Park


animation n visuals by Julia Kobel ( SIRENS )

#feminismisforeveryone #weirdclubmusic #bewhoeveryouwanttobe #racial#gender #social #equality #womxn #lgbt #nb
Projekt podporil z verejných zdrojov Fond na podporu umenia.


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